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Hands-on automotive training at the dealership

Our in-dealership training maximizes the growth of each employee and department. Using a proven system of motivation, reporting, and presentation techniques, our expert trainers help dealership personnel make the most of every profit opportunity. Training is customized to target the specific needs and objectives of each dealership.

F&I Training

This training helps finance managers hone their closing skills and techniques for overcoming objections. Finance personnel will gain confidence in their ability to capture increased profits and higher CSI scores. F&I training is available on a non-fee basis for all active, producing dealers.

Sales Training

Our sales training addresses all aspects of sales and sales management. Salespeople gain valuable closing skills and learn how to hold more profit. Sales managers develop ethical and consistent desking techniques.

Internet Training

Designed for salespeople, sales managers, internet directors, and BDC representatives, our internet training covers how to respond to different kinds of leads, effective internet communication, implementing video response, and more.