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Analytics KPI metrics dashboard

Real-time analysis of F&I production and performance

SGAnalytix is our proprietary decision sciences tool that gives you valuable insight into your F&I operations. Using live data, SGAnalytix analyzes and models current—and future—production. You won’t find a tool like it anywhere else in the industry.

Track F&I Performance Like Never Before

The granular capability of SGAnalytix means you have countless options for how to view performance. You can take a broad level group view or zero in on an individual store or producer. You can choose to view data by salesperson, sales manager or F&I manager.

Explore the What-Ifs

SGAnalytix lets you see exactly how much profit you’re missing and shows you the path to get from where you are to where you want to be. Its innovative, copyrighted “What If” feature allows you to see how adjusting factors like penetration can impact PRU in an immediate way.

Get the Information You Need at a Glance

SGAnalytix uses two-dimensional data, so you can easily identify the producers who truly affect the department’s overall numbers. No more having to cross-reference separate reports for performance and production. SGAnalytix saves time and effort by allowing you to pinpoint and train your people in a targeted way while keeping your most productive personnel in font of customers.

Find Out Where You're Missing Profits

Using SGAnalytix, we’ve helped dealers increase year-over-year PRU by as much as $400. We’ve also increased annual unit counts, resulting in millions of dollars of additional revenue. Let us analyze your current performance to show you where we can help you add profits. We can project to the nearest dollar exactly what your performance should be.