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24/7 secure access to critical business information

ICS is a web-based application that helps you manage your business from any computer, anytime. It includes modules for GAP and VSC, as well as self-service functions like online rating, claims submittal, and cancellation quoting.

Track and Manage Service Group Products

With ICS, you can view the status of a policy and payments made on claims, as well as retrieve accurate, real-time quotes for cancellation of policies. Online vehicle rating and claims submittal are available for our Preferred Protection Plan vehicle service contracts.

View and Analyze Your Business

ICS retrieves deal information from your dealership’s DMS on a nightly basis and provides you with a variety of reports to help you gauge your book of business. From F&I penetration and lender reports to monthly logs and dealer comparison reporting, this tool allows you to know where you stand at a moment’s notice.