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Valuable protection for auto buyers

Our innovative auto products come with unique benefit options so you can design the product that works best for your dealership. All of our products are backed by unsurpassed claims administration your customers can count on when it matters most.

Vehicle Service Contract

Preferred Protection Plan is one of the most comprehensive and profit driven vehicle service contracts on the market. With a variety of plans and benefit combinations to choose from, you can customize the product for your dealership.


Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) has become so valuable to customers, they now ask for it by name. Service Group’s GAP protection program provides an excellent opportunity to satisfy customers and secure additional profits for the dealership.

Ancillary Products

We offer a full suite of ancillary products designed to help your customers maintain the value and appearance of their vehicle. From environmental protection to tire & wheel and paintless dent repair, our aftermarket products offer added protection for your customers and income for your dealership.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is where we got our start over 40 years ago, and we’re now the largest credit insurance producer in the state of Texas. Credit insurance is not only a valuable profit center, it reduces delinquent accounts and protects your customers’ future ability to purchase vehicles.