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The 70-Hour Work Week

By moconnell on 11/6/2018

By Matt Woods South Regional Manager 

Welcome to the car business! Open at 8:30 am, close at 10 pm. As long as customers are here, we’re going to be here. Your family can take a backseat, because we’re going to make some money!

If you’re over the age of 40, you remember those days and you love them! And your kids and your wife loved all the money you made – they just forgot what you looked like.

And yet, you’re having the hardest time finding someone, anyone, in the current generation willing to make that commitment. Why? Because they’re smarter than we were. They view time as a more valuable form of compensation. Sure, they want to make a great living, but they aren’t willing to sacrifice everything else along the way. So here’s a thought: scrap the 60- or 70-hour work week. Get it down to a 50- to 55-hour work week, increase your team size by 20-40%, create a schedule that allows for family/personal time, and watch your production go up. Why? Because people who get to enjoy their personal lives are actually more productive at work.

Adapting to working with the newer generations isn't just about working with different kinds of customers it's also about working with different kinds of employees.